As I write this article I have visited fourteen District Rotary clubs, and met with most of their boards. Some larger clubs, some newer clubs. Some are in our major metropolitan areas, others are far flung into the smaller communities. But one commonality exists throughout all: all are excited to be Rotarians, and are eager to seize the opportunities they have to make a difference in 2017-18 in their communities and in the world. I applaud their rabid enthusiasm, and their acceptance of my District Governor challenge goals for the new year. 
Last week, however, I was broadsided twice by two young Rotarians, with a question that I deem a very optimistic indicator of the future of Rotary in our area: "I am already active in my own club... how can I also become more active on the district level?" I loved their question!
There is a place for every District 5870 Rotarian to become involved on the district level - whether it is to officially serve on boards and committees, or simply to provide input and ideas to make Rotary in Central Texas truly #1district strong!
Our 2017-18 district directory is on the district website (www.RotaryDistrict so everyone has equal access to the data. Skim through it, get a feel for the various operating facets of the district governance, mark down what gets you most excited about being a Rotarian, then call the contacts listed for those particilar activities. I guarantee they will be delighted to hear from you and, in most instance, will readily find a slot you can fit into. Even if you simply have ideas to share but prefer not to participate in that team's ongoing work, let us hear from you.
As I've stressed in all my official governor visits, District 5870 exists to help all of the clubs in our district; YOUR CLUB does not exist for the benefit of the district. The District is support... all the service, fellowship, fundraising, camaraderie and goodwill occurs at the club level. We need both to be successful. We need both to make a difference. We here in District 5870 are People of Action, Clubs in Action, Making a Difference One Action at a Time.