What a great whirlwind these first three months have been for Kathleen and me! Since July 1 we have visited three-fourths of our District's clubs... been welcomed and entertained and informed... watched clubs in action... participated in many ceremonies... and helped clubs find their footing amid this very challenging weather-centric Autumn. I am convinced that Rotary District 5870 of Central Texas is much more than #1District Strong in name only.
* Rotarians in our district have responded to our Harvey Recovery Fund with open arms and checkbooks. But the need continues, so please don't slack off now!
* In just the past seven days, I have signed application papers for TWO new Interact clubs, one in Manor High School and one for the Meridian Charter High School here in Austin. Both have had strong organizational meetings. And I know others are in the planning stages
* A past RI President - Frank Devlyn - of Mexico, has agreed to be one of our keynote speakers at our upcoming November 3-5 Multi-District Reunion
* Penelope the Polio Pig, Kathleen's "pet" project, is getting fatter
* Two struggling club have begun merger procedures with two neighboring clubs to strengthen all four - and keep these active Rotarians in the family
* At least one new Early Act First Knight campus has been established (at Hart Elementary School in Austin) and I hear several more are being organized behind the scenes that I have not been told specifics about yet
* We've had several smooth transfers of club presidencies where the incumbents have been transferred, and the new leaders have all hit the ground running, with renewed vigor and ideas and motivation!
We here in 5870 are truly People in Action, Clubs in Action, Making a Difference, One Action at a Time. Together. And I thank you.