Have You "Done Your One" Yet This Year?
Realize it or not, we're now two-thirds of the way through the 2017-18 Rotary Year. It's been great! And continues to be so.
When I delivered my District Governor Official Visit speech to your club last summer/fall, I challenged each club - and each individual member - with a series of "DG One Initiatives" that I hoped District 5870 Rotarians would strive to achieve this year. I highlighted several I really wanted us to focus on, then added many other options for members and clubs to target as they felt appropriate. One success at a time.
Question: Have you "Done Your One" yet in your club or your own Rotary life?
•  Have you personally invited at least ONE prospect to share Rotary with you at your club, at a club social, or a community service project outing?
•  Have you yourself planted ONE tree this year in response to RI President Ian's request for each Rotarian worldwide to plant a tree for the ecology, in their own locale? Many clubs hosted special Arbor Day plantings back in February; others are handling this goal individually.
•  Has your club erected ONE new visibility Rotary sign in your locale - approaching town, outside your regular meeting venue, or elsewhere so others could know about Rotary in your town?
•  Has your club netted at least ONE new member this Rotary year? Remember, "net" is what's important. Inducting ten new members is for naught if your lose eleven! NET ONE OR MORE.
•  Is your club planning to nominate ONE outstanding member for the District 5870 Roll of Fame this year? The nomination process is in full swing right now (each club/president has details), so act on this one TODAY. We typically have only about a fourth of our clubs taking advantage of this valuable recognition program. I'd like to see nearly all clubs participate. Your club has members who personify the "service above self" mantra.... honor them!
Bottom line: have you done your part to make your own club and district even greater, and even more successful? Have you "done your one" yet?
There's still time, if you start today.
Remember that all these "one's" are "one or more" goals.

Let's continue to work together to have ONE GREAT, successful Rotary year here in District 5870!