Three months into this Rotary year and I have visited 41 clubs as of October 1.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I am having a ball visiting with the clubs and their boards.  It is amazing what Rotarians in our district are doing.  There are so many wonderful service projects going on that have such positive effects in the local communities.  The generosity of our Rotarians continues to astound me.  Already after only 3 months we have raised over $250,000 for the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation.  We are well on our way to another great year of doing Good in the World.
That being said, the World has undergone some significant catastrophes this past month.  Just a couple being Hurricane Dorian that devastated the Bahamas and had a tremendous effect on the Southeastern United States.  And just a few short days ago Tropical Storm Imelda pelted Southeast Texas with unprecedented rainfall and devastating floods. 
Many of you have already contributed to disaster relief in these areas.  If you want to help specifically in the Bahamas please go to  This is the official website for District 7020 which encompasses the Bahamas.  The website leads you through way you can donate specifically to the Bahamas.  Our District White Hat Society Chair, PDG Ed Mullen, has opened the White Hat Society Recognitions to the Bahama Relief.  Any Rotarian contributing to the Bahama relief may count that towards White Hat Society recognition.
Also, Rotary International has recently established a new Disaster Relief Fund.  Donations to this fund are not for a specific disaster but will be accumulated in a fund that will then be distributed to areas in need.  You can donate by going to the RI website, click Donate under the Foundation and scroll down to this particular fund.  Please be aware that donations to the RI Disaster Relief Fund go toward Paul Harris Recognition. 
Jim Henry