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               District 5870 Keyway
Vice President
PDG Melinda Osburn   DG Bruce Golden
RC of Lakeway/Lake Travis   RC of Austin
Email:   Email:
Cell:  512-913-3174   Cell:  512-940-5480
Secretary   Treasurer
DGE Gene Holiman   PDG Bill Bradfield
RC of Northwest Austin   RC of Shiner
Email:   Email:
Cell:  512-470-0162   Work:  361-594-4300
    Cell:  361-798-8104
    Mailing Address
PDG Rich Kaye    
RC of Killeen Heights   P.O. Box 86
Email:   Shiner, Texas 77984
Cell:  254-291-4890    
The District 5870 Keyway is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 non-profit corporation established in 2005 to provide a means by which interested parties may contribute support to Club and District projects.  
The District 5870 Keyway is available to support club projects in the following way:
1.  Make application to the corporation President defining a specific project.   Note:  A copy of the application form can be downloaded from the Files section of this webpage.
2.  Obtain approval from the Keyway board for the project.
3.  Collect the contributions, bundle them, and remit to the Keyway Treasurer in at most two batches.  All checks must be made out to District 5870 Keyway, Inc.  No cash will be accepted.
4.  You may request payment from the District 5870 Keyway as follows:
a.  Interim payment:  One interim request for payment is permitted per project.  This payment requires the submission of documentation substantiating expenditures totaling a minimum of 50% of the project total.
b.  Final payment:  When the project is completed, submit a request for payment for the remaining expenditures including documentation that substantiates these expenditures.
Please note that the District 5870 Keyway is not available to (1) simply run money through, (2) collect and hold funds for an unspecified project, or (3) fund scholarships.