We KNOW you’re excellent at what you do. Because of YOU, Central Texas District 5870 was recognized as the "2021-2022 PUBLIC IMAGE DISTRICT OF THE YEAR" for Zone 25B! Give yourself a round of applause for a job well done! And we KNOW you’ll do it again this year. 2022-23 Public Image Rockstar Challenge
There are only five tasks. We KNOW you can get them all done before the May 1 deadline.
Reminder, the Public Image Challenge was designed to help Clubs increase their public image skill set. The more you promote your Club, the better the odds are at increasing your membership. It is a win-win all around! 
Each level game introduces you to tools and resources to promote your Club to your members, around the District, your community and Rotary International. 
Thank you to all the Clubs have submitted the content for this year's challenge! All stories submitted to the newsletter count as content for the challenge. 

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