The Rotary Club of Austin Cosmopolitan is organizing its annual flagship Adoption Fest that brings prospective adoptive parents and children currently in foster care together.
The event is a fun-filled day with a serious objective -  providing an opportunity for prospective parents to interact with the children in a relaxed atmosphere which nurtures the formation of bonds and provides emotional context.

Austin Cosmopolitan Rotary Club provides games and activities that help the children and the adults to interact and collaborate with each other.  Each child is provided with a backpack and water bottle they can personalize.

The theme of the event is a Carnival of Fun. The event offers a variety of games for the children to enjoy.  As the children participate, they receive Rotary Bucks for scoring points in the games. At the conclusion of the event, the children can spend their Rotary Bucks in the carnival Prize Store.  The games are designed to put the children and adults on an equal footing and foster interaction with each other.

The club collaborates with Child Protective Services (CPS) and a hosting location that allows the use of their premises.  This year’s event will be hosted at the Christ Episcopal Church on Saturday, September 30, 8am – 4pm.

Because of privacy laws, we are not able to obtain specific information from CPS regarding the results of adoptions, but we have been informed that 100% of the children receive follow-up information requests and that the incidence of adoption resulting from our Adoption Fest is very high. We are honored that this event is considered one of the most successful of its type in Central Texas.

We are requesting that interested Rotarians donate towards the gifts to the children for the event by purchasing the gifts listed in this wish list or can donate using this Paypal link  .

Please reach out to Heidi at for volunteering opportunities.