The Austin North Metro Passport Rotary club is proud to begin serving and collaborating with the Central Texas Table of Grace!
The Table of Grace is a nonprofit organization providing support and emergency services to children in the foster care system and to young adults aging out of the foster care program. We are working with the Table of Grace to prepare to open a store in Round Rock. The store will be partially maintained and supported by the ANMP club and will offer non-essential goods, books, toys, clothing, and electronics to children and young adults in the Table of Grace program, to be purchased using good behavior credits. On 7/24 and 8/14 we volunteered with the Round Rock Sunrise club to help organize donations for the store. We will continue store preparations at our regular club meetings going forward. ANMP club president Sarah Carriker offered the following inspiration: "The Table of Grace mission resonates with our members - we can all get behind making life a little bit better for children in foster care and young adults who recently aged out of foster care. The opportunity to create a space where kids can come "purchase" a brand new item with good behavior credits is fun, creative, engaging, and clear. This year we are focusing 100% on service projects - not on meals or speakers. Most of our members have been in Rotary for a long time and are excited for something fresh."