Over 100 Rotarians and volunteers gathered the morning of Feb. 23 to package 32,616 meals for the hungry and malnourished in our world.  The Rotary Club of Austin doubled the number of meals packed this year!  With strong leadership from Rotarian and Project Manager, Dr. Ann Marie Ellis, the fellowship hall was packed with Boy Scouts, friends and Rotarians with hearts for service.
A gong was struck every time we packed yet another 1,000 meals, and loud music kept the energy strong as did the breakfast tacos and snacks.  Fox News showed up to interview Rotarians and video the event, and then to share this Good Work with the community.  Rise Against Hunger, our partner, informed us that these nutritious, critical meals would be shipped to Cambodia.  Thanks to everyone who gave generously of self to fight starvation and malnutrition in our world!