The Rotary Club of Taylor invites the community, especially those interested in service to their community, to its 100th anniversary celebration on Saturday, May 1.They plan to put its motto, “Service Above Self,” into action to celebrate its 100th anniversary.
“Rotary Club’s motto is ‘Service Above Self’,” Club President Regina Carlson said. “We think there is no better way to put this into action than to highlight and encourage service throughout our community.”

Rotary hopes to connect service clubs and people looking to become more involved in our community at the party 2-4 p.m. on Saturday, May 1, on the lawn at Old Taylor High in front of The Loose Screw, 410 W. 7th St.

“If you have ever been in Rotary or have ever been interested in learning more about it, we welcome you to join us at this party,” she said. “But even more than that, if you are interested in any kind of service to the community, whether it’s about feeding the hungry or providing formals for high school students, join us and let us help connect you with the organizations that best fit your desire to serve.”

Clubs and organizations interested in attending should contact Tia Rae Stone at with contact information. Rotary Club will reach out, nearer the date, to offer suggestions for all of them to market their group at the event.

The Club is also inviting Rotarians, past and future, from Taylor and throughout Rotary District 5870 to join us for the event.

The Rotary Club of Taylor is committed to the idea of Service Above Self and works to support projects in Taylor and around the world. Its regular local projects include packing bags at Shepherd’s Heart Food Pantry on Wednesday afternoons and running routes for Meals On Wheels every third Thursday and awards scholarships.