The North by Northeast Rotary Club partnered with the E-Club for our Rise Against Huger project that we held on October 3rd at the Casa Chapala Mexican Restaurant in North Austin.  We had 20 Rotarians from the North by Northeast Rotary Club (10), E-Club (4), Northwest Austin Club (4), Austin Club (2). 
 In addition, we had 11 guests helping with the project for a grand total of 31 participants. 
This is the 4th consecutive year that the North by Northeast Rotary Club has hosted this event.  This year the NXNE Rotary Club and the E-Club pooled their DAP Grants to fund almost 2/3 of the $3,600 cost of the project. 
The Rise Against Hunger project consists of packaging 10,150 meals to be shipped to a community in another country in need of food.  There are 4 separate work stations consisting of measuring grains and vegetables and placing into plastic bags, the bags are then given to the weighing table that weighs the bags that makes sure that they are in the acceptable range for weight for shipping purposes, the bags are then given to a group that seals the plastic bags, and then finally give to a group that boxes the bags to be ready for shipping.  The entire project took just under 4 hours to complete including set-up and clean-up. 
This year, due to COVID-19, and to keep social distancing, we had an inside assembly and an outside assembly with only 10 people working each assembly areas.  Since we had 30 total participants, our Club Members were able to take breaks with 10 additional people available to take over for those that needed to rest.  The results were the same, just 2 assembly areas instead of 1.  The other milestone for this event was for Rise Against Hunger.  This project was their first Texas project since the COVID-19 outbreak.  We are proud with the fact that Rotarians were the first to hold a Rise Against Hunger Project during COVID-19.  Once again, it shows that Rotarians truly believe in “Service Above Self”!!