District Governor Rick Stacy is pleased to announce the formation of District 5870’s newest Rotary Club, the Austin North Metro Passport Club.  This initiative is one of the goals he announced early In the Rotary year to address the declining member base in District 5870.
Recruitment efforts focused on former Rotarians who had resigned from Rotary because of meeting schedule conflicts, affordability, or time commitments.  This new model emphasizes service engagement and affords flexibility for those who travel or enjoy trying a variety of club experiences and meeting new people. Club members represent diversity in age, gender, and ethnicity.
Members of the Austin North Metro Passport Club will attend at least one club meeting and participate in one service project or social event each month.  The club is currently meeting virtually but hopes to return to an in-person platform as soon as the risk of COVID is controlled.
For more information about the Austin North Metro Passport Club, please contact President Miriam Moorman, mjmoorman914@gmail.com.