The title above may be a little deceptive since we have about a month and a half left in our Rotary Year.  This is a farewell because it will be the last Monthly Membership Moment of the year.  We’re taking a break in June but will resume these in July 2024.
I want to thank all of you for the efforts made by you and your clubs to help grow our membership and more importantly Grow Rotarians this year.  This article each month is sent to all members of our District who have an email address registered with club runner.  We send to all because you are all members of your membership team.  It takes all of you.  These articles have been written each month by a different member of our District Membership Committee and we hope these have been informative, fun and have been of some help to you. 
Our intent is to help clubs in what they need and not necessarily what we or Rotary International think you need.  We have clubs with 7 to 170 members so each club is different and we want to try and address each club needs.  If you need a program members of our committee will be more than happy to present a program on membership and address your specific needs.  Just let us know for the remainder of this year or for next.
As a recap, as of May 10, 2024 per Rotary International records we are positive 39 in growth.  That is wonderful but we know what happens toward the end of the year.  Many clubs scrub their rolls and we historically lose several members between now and the end of the year.  So our job is not done this year  We must continue to grow our numbers and more importantly retain our current members.  So we are asking you to stay with it until the end of the year so we can end on a positive note.
Again, thank you for all you have done.  We all like writing these articles and hope you enjoy reading them.  So go forth the rest of the year and Seize the Day for Rotary.
Jim Henry, Chair
District 5870 District Membership Committee