On Tuesday, 10 May 2023, Rotary Club of Flatonia organized and arranged for the Junior High School class at Flatonia High School to travel to Corpus Christi Texas to tour the USS Lexington Museum.
The tour consists of the Flight Deck, which houses vintage aircraft, the Foc’sle Deck,where the anchoring process is stored. the Gallery Deck where the Combat Information Center, the Air Operations, and Carrier Air Traffic Control are located, and the Lower Decks, where they can view the engine room, how the 3,000 crewmembers lived, and Pearl Harbor exhibit. A member of the Rotary Club of Flatonia, who is a retired US Navy aviator, is one of the escorts and mentors for the high school students on this tour. It is a great way to keep our US History and WWII alive for the Juniors, who are taking US History. We seek to educate them on our military, especially on the US Navy carriers and US Navy aviators, and to create an interest for their futures.