It’s time again for the District 5870 Monthly Membership Moment.  Today we want to tell you about a program you may not be aware of.  It is the Rotary International Leads Program.  Rotary processes tens of thousands of membership leads from people around the world who are interested in joining Rotary. 
These potential members are all around us – these folks may be existing Rotarians who have moved to our District or folks who have heard about Rotary through friends, our projects, social media or other means.  The program routes prospective members to us to help you grow your clubs.
Here's how it works.  A prospective member, relocating member or Rotarian who is referring a potential member submits information to RI through the website  Rotary staff members screen the lead to make sure the candidate meets basic membership qualifications and then assigns them to a district in the candidate’s preferred club meeting location.  Our District Membership Chair, Jim Henry, and DG Shannon Coleman receives this information.  The district membership team then will review the lead.  If we need further information, we will contact the candidate or may immediately assign the candidate to a club.  Your club President and club Membership Chair will receive the information.
Once a club receives information, they should contact the candidate as soon as possible to introduce themselves and invite them to a meeting.  That way you can determine if the candidate is a good fit for your club and if your club fits their needs.  It is very important to contact these folks as soon as possible since by the time the leads get to your club it may have been a few weeks since they first submitted their information to RI.  We sure don’t want them to feel left out.
This program is an easy way to find prospective Rotarians.  You don’t have to look for them, they have found us and all we need to do is make contact.  So far this rotary year we have had 20 leads referred to our District and four have joined us.  This is just one way you may be able to Grow Rotary in our District by Growing Rotarians.
We hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season.  We will be talking to you again in December.  Yours in Rotary Service,
District 5870 Membership Team