We can never thank our military for their service and sacrifices that they make  daily for us. Our Rotary Clubs of Austin and Killeen partnered with our hospitality industry to set up R&R free weekends each month for military families from Ft. Hood  to say thank you and show our appreciation. This family for this month was Staff Sgt Wing and his family of five.
They had a great time at The Line Hotel and the County Line Restaurant gave them a nite of Texas BBQ.  The kids were given toys and snacks and passes to Austin Parks. SSG Wing said, “ Thank you again for everything. This was an awesome weekend and we haven't been this stress free and just enjoy ourselves in maybe 5 years. Everything was incredible and so generous. I'm definitely going to be signing up my fellow soldiers for this program. “

Operation Vacation really makes a difference for these families and for the staffs that take care of them during the weekend. So be sure and thank our military whenever you can.