We are thrilled to announce the new Public Image Challenge that aims to not only enhance our club's public image but also foster stronger connections among our members, fellow Rotarians, and the broader community. Introducing the "2023-24 Rockstar Connection Challenge"!
There are only five tasks. We KNOW you can get them all done before the May 1 deadline.
  • Promote your club fundraiser
  • Promote a joint service project
  • Send us a copy of  club newsletter
  • Promote a Club project on website/social media
  • Create a club "vibe" video
Reminder, the Public Image Rockstar Connection Challenge was designed to help Clubs increase their public image skill set. This year, we are providing skills to build and strengthen our connectionsIt is a win-win all around! 
Each level game introduces you to tools and resources to promote your Club to your members, around the District, your community and Rotary International.