The Westlake Rotary Club honored the Educators of the Year on May 10 with a luncheon at Salt Traders. The educator of the year was awarded $2000 from the club and each campus educator of the year was awarded $1000. 
West Ridge Middle School Science and IPC Teacher Kavita Karandikar was named Eanes ISD Educator of the Year.
Kavita Karandikar has 15 years of teaching experience and six of those at West Ridge Middle School. She has established herself as an educator who instills a love of science within her classroom. With a perfect blend of firmness and compassion, she fosters an environment where academic rigor is met with genuine care and understanding. Her commitment to nurturing each student's individual strengths and recognizing and supporting them through challenges sets her apart as a beloved teacher.
What truly distinguishes Kavita is her humility and selflessness. Despite her outstanding contributions, she remains a humble force for positive change, always willing to lend a helping hand and share credit with others. In every interaction, Kavita's warmth, wit and wisdom shine through, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she meets. Her classroom is not just a space for learning but a sanctuary where students feel valued, challenged and inspired.
Kavita’s contributions to West Ridge are immeasurable, and her impact on the lives of her students is truly profound. Congratulations once again to the Eanes ISD District Educator of the Year, Kavita Karandikar.