February marks Peace and Conflict Prevention Month within the Rotary community, a significant period that aligns with the availability of applications for our esteemed Peace Fellowships. These applications can now be conveniently accessed online through Rotary.

We encourage every Rotary club to actively participate in recruiting and sponsoring potential candidates for these prestigious fellowships, which include 50 Master's Degrees and 80 professional development certificates, totaling 130 scholarships.

Engaging your club in this initiative is the most effective way to identify qualified individuals for this exceptional program. We kindly request that you consider loading and posting a Rotary "ad" on your club's Facebook page (use the above graphic) or any other relevant media platforms. Info for getting it and using it is https://www.facebook.com/Rotarypeacecenters/

This promotional material not only raises awareness about Rotary but also serves as a valuable tool to attract potential candidates from a diverse audience. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in informing the public about Rotary and your individual club.

Your active involvement in sharing this content will not only benefit the candidates seeking these scholarships but will also contribute to the broader mission of Rotary in promoting peace and conflict prevention. Thank you for your support and dedication to making a positive impact through Rotary initiatives.