Once a year the Rotary Club of Austin helps Pecan Springs School, the librarian and Bookspring run a program called Books for Me. During that week, students come to the library and the librarian reads them a story. There is a theme for the event and this year the theme is fairy tails.
There are three centers set up for the students and run by the Rotary volunteers that are done  while students are in the library: making hand puppets of their favorite fairy tail character; making gingerbread houses or having their picture made with their favorite fairy tail scene. But the most important part of this program and the most rewarding for both the children and the volunteers is the new free book the child gets to pick out, write his/her name in it and take it home to make it part of their personal home library. The students are so excited that this book belongs to them and they do not have to bring it back and turn it in. Such a fun program for the Rotary Club members  to support in partnership with Bookspring. Getting books in the hands of children!