On February 24, members of the Rotary Club of Marble Falls hit the streets to partner with two different non-profit organizations for the Rick Edwards Day of Service.
Kathy Nicholl, Fran Brochstein, Kim Kankel, and orthodontist Mendy Crockrell volunteered at the Texas Mission of Mercy Mobile Dental Clinic at the Marble Falls High School.  The Texas Mission of mercy provides free dental work completed by dental professionals from all over the state.   The volunteer dental professionals’ primary focus is on relieving pain and preventing infection by providing extractions, fillings, and cleanings. During the event, over 500 patients were provided over 3,000 free treatments to the community patients.  The Rotary Club of Marble Falls was also a co-sponsor of the event.

Meanwhile, Jeff Matera, Bill Rives, Terry Stracke, Jim & Toni Webber, Jim Gallagher, Jearl Thorpe and Lorinda Peters volunteered their time building beds for Sleep in Heavenly Peace.  Sleep in Heavenly Peace is an organization dedicated to building, assembling and delivering top-notch bunk beds to children and families in need.  Their effort is so “No kids sleep on the floor in our town”. The Rotary members helped build 25 beds.  

Both events were part of the Rick Edwards Day of Service organized by the Highland Lakes Crisis Network and Marble Falls ISD.  During the event about 800 students and volunteers completed 55 community projects during the day.  The day honored the legacy of Rick Edwards, a Marble Falls Independent School District trustee who passed away unexpectedly in may 2022.   The mission of the Highland Lakes Crisis Network is a network of churches meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our neighbors during times of crisis and disaster. “At the end of the day, we wanted to highlight how special of a place Marble Falls is,” said Kevin Naumann, the Crisis Network’s executive director. “I think you saw that. You don’t see communities shutting down and sending kids to go love others. There is something special about this community, so doing things like this are important because, as our community grows, we want to be able to display to people who might come in from other places that you’re not in an ordinary spot.”  The Club was proud to be part of the special day, demonstrating Rotary are people of action through service above self.