Contact: Rick Stacy
Virtual Meeting
United States of America

Would you like to learn more about how you can enhance the mission, vision, and objectives of Rotary within our District? The Rotary Multi-District Training Institute (RMDTI) will provide you with the best practices and tools needed to support your club and district!


The RMDTI is scheduled for Saturday, August 1, 2020. This program will be held live via Zoom from 8:30 am - 8:30 pm with 3 Plenary sessions plus concurrent training paths for District Chairs (& their committees) focused on Foundation, Membership, Public Image, Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotaract, and District Trainers.


Click the registration links below for the various sessions to see speakers and details.


You will need to register for the plenary sessions plus each training track you would like to attend. You can register for multiple tracks on the same day, but you cannot physically log in to multiple video meetings at the same time.  You can leave one session and enter another session as long as you are registered and have the "join" link.


You will need to complete the primary Plenary registration:


AND register for a specific session below:


Foundation Training Registration 8/1/2020

Membership Training Registration 8/1/2020

Public Image Training Registration 8/1/2020

Rotary Youth Exchange Training Registration 8/1/2020

Rotaract Session Registration 8/1/2020


All Rotarians and Rotaractors are welcome to attend any of the Sessions – Registration is required. There is no fee ($0) for any of these sessions.