Rotary District 5870
Club Qualification Requirements

District 5870 annually “qualifies” its clubs for participation in Rotary Foundation grant programs.
To be “qualified” to participate in Rotary Foundation founded projects and grants, a club must:
a.  Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) provided by The Rotary Foundation (as annotated by District 5870).
b.  Have a minimum of two club members (including the incoming club president) who have attended the district’s Grant Management Training Seminar (GMTS).
Note:  Grant Management Training is an annual requirement.  If a member attended training in 2018-19, he or she is eligible to attend the 1-hour refresher class this year.  If not, that person must attend the full 3-hour class.
c.  Be current on all RI and District Dues.
f.  Demonstrate fiscal responsibility by presenting proof that they filed the requisite IRS Form 990 required by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.
g.  Be current on all Global Grant and District Vocational Scholarship reporting requirements.
h.  Close any open District Assistance Program (DAP) Grants it has previously received.
By completing these requirements, a club becomes qualified and eligible to participate in the grant program for one year.
To maintain qualified status, the club must comply with the MOU any additional district requirements, and all applicable TRF policies.
The club is responsible for the use of funds for club-sponsored grants, regardless of who controls the funds.
Qualification may be suspended or revoked for misuse or mismanagement of grant funds involving, but not limited to: fraud; forgery; membership falsification; gross negligence; endangerment of health, welfare, or safety of beneficiaries; ineligible contributions; use of funds for personal gain; undisclosed conflicts of interest; monopolization of grant funds by individuals; report falsification; overpricing; acceptance of payments from beneficiaries; illegal activities; use of grant funds for ineligible purposes.
The club must cooperate with any financial, grant, or operational audits.