EarlyAct First Knight

EarlyAct FirstKnight (EAFK) is a revolutionary character and ethics education program for schoolchildren in grades K-8 that puts Rotary into daily mainstream public education for the first time ever.


Unprecedented in the field of character education, EAFK teaches high ethical standards, service and Rotary International lessons to the entire student body everyday, right along side core academic subjects like math, science and social studies. Unlike a traditional "InterAct" Club, EAFK is a mandatory course of study for every child with uniquely integrated components including classroom curriculum, Rotarian-led service opportunities, award assemblies, elaborate live-action premium options, and parent education. In EAFK schools, the Four Way Test is recited daily from memory; students start learning about Paul Harris in 3rd grade; and just about any 5th grader on campus can tell you the latest news about Polio Plus.

The word, "knight" means "servant", and EAFK brings the values of noble character and service alive for children through the spectacular theme of gallant knights and chivalry. Students in EAFK schools walk campus hallways decked out like castles; learn wisdom from "The Code" curriculum; win awards for noble service; earn rankings toward knighthood in regular school-wide ceremonies; benefit from on-site Rotarian mentorship and work together on local and global service projects. Schools using EAFK premium options even get visits from real armored knights and live warhorses on campus! There is nothing like EAFK anywhere in the world, and the program is available exclusively for Rotary Clubs to use in their communities.
If your club is interested in sponsoring EAFK at a school in your area, contact Mary Reynolds mary@thereynoldsclan.com or go to www.eafk.org  to get more information.
To see more detailed information, including a sample of the curriculum, visit http://randallparr.com/
There are also opportunities to partner with another Rotary club in your area to share the responsibilities and funding!
Make a difference in our kids!


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PHOTOS from around the District
EAFK at Red Rock in Bastrop with Sir Cass

EAFK at Cedar Creek Elementary in Bastrop

EAFK at Mina Elementary in Bastrop with Lady Hannah


Knighting ceremony at Los Pines Elementary with Lady Hannah


First knighting awards ceremony at Blue Bonnet Elementary.
Over 40 students received medallions from Sir Cass for respect & honesty.