July 17 - July 22, 2022 (Sunday thru Friday)
19051 FM 2484
Killeen, TX 76542
Dear Club Leadership,
       Camper Registration Packets can be found on the menu to the left!!
Due to a change in LCRA facilities, we are moving the location of RYLA to a wonderful place - Varieties Peaceable Kingdom in Killeen, TX. 
        How does this change impact RYLA:
  • The dates will be changed. This year, camp will run from July 17th to July 22nd. We are unsure what the dates will be going forward, but it will be in July every year!
  • The location cannot accommodate all 98 campers – yet! They are working with us to get us as close to that number as they can. We will have to restructure our cabins slightly, but I have spoken to my Program Director, and we will be able to make this work for us.
  • They have a full kitchen – and staff that goes with it. We will no longer need to find a volunteer to run the kitchen for RYLA. Instead, they will work with our menu and plan the meals. Head Kitchen Staff is a critical position. Our incoming Camp Directors can work with their staff to make sure the meals are planned according to our schedule. We will still have sponsored meals and the ability to have our volunteers come out and serve. Bonus: We no longer must buy kitchen equipment or order food to use at LCRA!!
  • Their facilities offer so many of the challenge courses we already use for RYLA. This would mean we would no longer have to purchase materials to update our equipment. We will no longer be able to offer river rafting, but there are so many activities we can add to take the place of this.
  • They are still within the budget of RYLA for facility use and meals!!
 I know many of you are already pretty deep into the process of selecting some amazing campers!! Please do not hesitate to let me know if you need any help or have questions. I have attached an updated Brochure that also serves as the application, as well as an updated School Poster. Now all of these still say "RYLA in the Rough". I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with when we start the contest for picking a new name!! 
Still want to donate to RYLA? There is still time!! Reach out to me to find out how:
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Contact Info
District Chair: Barbara Najera    
RYLA Registrar: Jennifer Pakenham
Programs Director: Erin Bocanegra