Youth Exchange
Building World Understanding

Temporarily on Hold
Youth Exchange is a Rotary International sponsored program for youth 15 ½ to 18 ½ years old.  It is a program supported by District 5870. It is not a program of the Rotary Foundation, but is facilitated by District volunteers and SCRYE, a multi-district consortium that helps manage this program and trains the District volunteers.
The Youth Exchange program in our Central Texas District currently involves 4 inbound students (students coming from other countries to District 5870) and 4 outbound students from Central Texas who went to other countries).
Youth Exchange supports the Rotary goal of peace and world understanding, one student at a time. It's a terrific program that changes the life of the exchange students and their host clubs and families forever.
*For Rotary Clubs Interested in Sponsoring Inbound Students
To sponsor an inbound student, the club needs to:
·         Find 2-4 host families-host families do not have to be Rotarians, but do need to be known by Rotarians to be of good character and suitable to serve as host parents. Criminal background checks will be performed on host families and club members who will be in close contact with the student.
·         Select a club member (same gender as student) to serve as club counselor. The club counselor will help facilitate the student's stay and check in with the student at least once a month to make sure all is well.
·         Provide a monthly allowance to the student of at least $100.
·         Involve the student in the life of your club. Invite them to participate in club projects and fundraisers. Encourage Rotarians to invite the student to participate in "typical American/Texan experiences" with their families.
*For Host Families
Host families are asked to:
·       Take the exchange students into their families and treat them like one of their own children
·       Provide room and board
·       Provide support through homesickness, culture shock, homework woes, etc. Show the student what American family life is like
*For Rotary Clubs interested in sponsoring outbound students
To sponsor an outbound student, all you need to do is appoint a committee to interview the prospective outbound student and decide whether to recommend that they be interviewed by the district committee. There is no financial responsibility involved in sponsoring an outbound student. The district committee can provide you with suggested interview questions.
This is a great opportunity for a student from your community to have a life changing experience, so please consider actively recruiting for outbound students. Places to look for them include scout troops, church youth groups, and language classes at the local high school. We are looking for students who do well in school and are interested in learning about other cultures and being good representatives of our area.  
If you would like a brochure to distribute, or need more information on this program contact D5870 Youth Exchange Chair,