SERVICE ABOVE SELF and the work of Rotary begins in the community.  As we celebrate “Economic & Community Development Month” this October, let us all focus on the impact that we as Rotarians make throughout not only our own communities but the world. 
Nearly 800 million people throughout the world live on less than $1.90 a day but as Rotarians, we have recognized this crisis and have declared this one of our seven Areas of Focus.
As we focus this month on economic community development, let us reach out to support economic growth and reduce poverty, develop opportunities for work and provide scholarships through economic and community development but don’t limit it to just your community.  Rotary has supported many micro business endeavors throughout the world, creating opportunities for families and communities to strive for success.
Look in your community and throughout the world for areas where you as a Rotary Club can help—provide education, marketing, training and leadership skills, income generation and poverty alleviation just to name a few.  Reach out to “SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES’” near and far.
Have an outstanding OCTOBER,