Posted by Clarence Enochs
When one endeavors to participate in service, they experience a number of benefits. Serving others generates, a stronger sense of purpose and elevated meaning in life, improved mental and physical well-being and increased emotional intelligence, formation of higher developed and more resilient social bonds, and an increased sense of meaningfulness to name just a few.
The District Community Service Committee will be an exciting, inspiring vehicle for experiencing the value of service while demonstrating our district’s rich legacy of giving.
The District Community Service Committee is charged with coordinating a number of integral components of district. Mike Boley will serve as the Coordinator of Disaster Response, Leslie Bagby will serve as the Coordinator of Rotary Friendship Exchange, Barbara Bozon will serve as the Coordinator of the Speakers Program, Vanessa Red will serve as the Fun Coordinator, and a separate group will coordinate the district’s human trafficking awareness initiative.
Our body of work will focus on carrying out the following macro goals and objectives:
  1.  Carry out three impactful district wide projects that unify the district and connect to one or more areas of focus.
 Environmental Enrichment Project
Supporting the environment through the creation of reverent green spaces for contemplation, social interaction, and the exercise and mastery of literacy.
Custom crafted Rotary benches, trees, and miniature book exchange stations will be placed in established park and community areas throughout the district.
Human Trafficking Initiative
Coordinate an impactful, cooperative district initiative against Human Trafficking in partnership with District 5840 (South Central Texas), the Rotary Action Group Against Human Trafficking, and the Rotary END HT network currently engaged across several states and Canada.
Work collaboratively with existing districts and engaged clubs to adapt an infrastructure to support the long term goal of ending human trafficking through increasing awareness, providing education to youth, establishing options for vulnerable individuals to prevent them from becoming victims, and reducing the demand.
Rotary on The Move Community Food Project
Date and Time:  Sunday, September 12, 2021, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Location:  Lampasas Park
Project will provide nutritional support to economically disadvantaged community members.
District 5870 will cover the expenses associated with lodging for the Hot Meals personnel.  The accompanying display with the Iron Lung, Shelter Box, and Exhibit Information about Alliance for Smiles will be set up by traveling team.
District 5870 will complement with a project on site to provide take away food boxes containing nonperishable and staple food items.
  1. Coordinate and Promote Rotary Days of Service focused around National Days of Service i.e.: September 11, and Martin Luther King Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day, Make a Difference Day etc. Rotary Days of Service will serve to empower, inspire, and connect. Potential Project Ideas include: Blood drives, area beautification, resource collection, food distribution, painting, “SerCha” bags
  1. Reinvigorate and promote the District Speakers Bureau.
  2.  Implement the “R.E.S.O.L.V.E to Serve” Recognition Program (Recognized for Exceptional Service Outstanding Leadership, Volunteerism, and Empathy.
  3.  Develop and share strategies to assure that fun is a tangible component of projects, meetings, and the Rotary philosophy.
  4. Ensure District 5870 remains a leader in providing impactful and innovative service related programming.
Our committee looks forward to carrying out these goals and being a valuable resource. Please feel free to contact a committee member for more information or arrange a presentation at your club. We look forward to an amazing year of reconnecting and changing lives through Service…