The Rotary Club of Harker Heights-Satellite’s Rotary 2021-2022 1st Quarter Project was to conduct, for the 2nd Year in a row, a community involved project to raise funds and donations of pet supplies & money for the Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center.  
On Friday, 6 August 5-8pm, The Satellite Club conducted a fundraiser at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in Harker Heights.  The event was advertised by “word of mouth”, flyers put up at businesses and on Social Media by way of Facebook.  Participants only had to  tell the cashier that they wanted to support the fundraiser and Freddy’s would donate 15% of their sales to the Club which will be donated to the HH Pet Adoption Center.  We told participants that “they had to eat anyways so why not support a great fundraiser while doing so.” Over $600 was raised by donated funds and $442 from the 15% of Sales that Freddy’s donated for the fundraiser.  

In addition to the Freddy’s fundraiser, HH Rotarians rotated, taking turns on 2 weekends (14-15 Aug & 4-5 Sep) at Petco Pet Supply Store in Harker Heights.  The community was asked to support by donating money or by buying an extra bag of food, treats or other item while shopping and donating that way.  Many individuals donated cash and  dropped off a bag of food or treats on their way out.  Over $1300 in cash and a truck load or more of food, treats, toys, and other miscellaneous items were donated.  Donation jars were also placed at various locations around town during the months of July, August & September.

In addition to Harker Heights Rotarians, we had others in the community assisting.  Family, friends & volunteers from the Pet Adoption Center pulled together to make this project a success.

The Rotary Club of Harker Heights-Satellite will be setting up a date in October to go to the Harker Heights  Pet Adoption Center,  to present the donated items along with a check so that the Pet Adoption Center may have and obtain the much needed supplies for the “furry friends” in the community.