In an effort to attract new members who may not be a fit for the traditional Rotary club and to bring back former Rotarians who have left due to financial, work, or family conflicts, Rl has created new club formats that will appeal across a wide range of interests and lifestyles, including the Passport Clubs.
Passport Clubs are full-fledged, stand-alone clubs with a more flexible meeting format and a focus on service and fellowship rather than on weekly attendance and speakers.  This format allows busy professionals or younger people with less time autonomy, to get and stay involved in Rotary.  Because the attendance requirements are relaxed, most Passport clubs will meet only once or twice a month, many have hybrid formats allowing for both virtual and in person attendance.

Geographically, Passport Clubs usually cover a larger area than traditional clubs but a smaller area than E-Clubs, generally no larger than an area that would allow members to meet in person if desired.  Additionally, as the name “Passport” implies, members are encouraged to visit and participate in meetings and projects of other clubs.

Lastly, Passport Clubs are a great introduction to Rotary. The flexible format allows new Rotarians to “dip their toes in the water” and get to know Rotary while they discover all the opportunities in their area. Want to know more? Contact your membership team!

*in the photo with Passports; Beverly Luedtke, District Governor and Midge Norris, Membership Chair, Austin North Metro Passport Club.