Posted by Betty Richardson
The Rotary Club of Austin University Area board voted in early April 2019, to send money earned from participating in the Lakeway club car drawing ticket sales in 2017 and 2018 to Club Rotario Reynosa. This is an effort to replace the original computers for the TB Center.The money is earmarked for purchase and installation of 10 used computers for the Reynosa Tuberculosis Center.
This purchase helps to sustain the tuberculosis Center which was equipped with money from a $300,204 3 H grant (#62831) one of the last 3H grants; a predecessor to the Global Grants. Club Rotario Reynosa and members  of the Rotary Club of Austin University Area Club  bought and sold tickets for two years to receive a generous 50% of the sales from the Lakeway Rotary Club. 
The 3H grant was a cooperation between the Rotary Club of Austin, the Rotary Clubs of Nuevo Laredo Reforma and Reynosa, Rotary Districts 5870, 4130 and 5930 as well as the Rotary International Foundation. Cooperating organizations included the Texas Department of State Health Services-Infectious Disease Intervention and Control Branch, the Tamaulipas State Secretariat of Health, and the Mexican Red Cross International of Reynosa. When your club writes a grant then receives a grant, never forget that sustainability is a major part of the requirements to receive a grant. Sustainability efforts and planned efforts are looked at on interim and final visits to the project.The amount of money made available to Club Rotario Reynosa for the purchase of the 10 computers was $5780 which at an exchange rate of 18.2 converted to 105,196 pesos. The bid for the 10 computers was 105,840 pesos.
Club Rotario Reynosa is buying the 10 computers for the TB clinic, in Reynosa Mexico. This presents two benefits: 1. It will help the local Reynosa economy and 2. The computers will not have to be transported from Austin and taken across the Mexican border.
The key to successful Rotary grants, in my opinion, lies in inter-club and inter-agency cooperation and participation.