As we approach the last quarter of the Rotary year, we have our current “Imagine Rotary” Rotary International Presidential theme for the current year and theme “Create Hope in the World” for the upcoming ‘23-24 year.  Take a moment to think about these two themes. “Imagine Rotary” has been a mental exercise in encouraging us to consider what we want our clubs and organization to be like in the future. The upcoming theme, "Create Hope in the World”, allows us to move from imagination to action by developing a plan that results in "doing".

What I find interesting is that we would not be able to effectively "create" without having first "imagined". Think of an artist at a potter's wheel.  If an artist sits down, starts spinning the wheel and molding the clay without first taking the time to "imagine" what the end result will be, the clay likely never becomes a beautiful vase.  If the artist takes the time to imagine what they would like the vase to look like, the clay will be shaped into a beautiful work of art because a foundation, through imagination, was already laid.  
What is the future of your Club?  Have taken the time to "imagine" the success you and your club members can have in the upcoming days, months and years?  What needs to happen to go from the mental exercise of imagination to the physical act of creation?  How will you engage your fellow members and community, in order to make an impact on the world around you?  If you have not already done so, I encourage you to consider these questions, to consider your own Rotary journey and that of your club.
Jeff Coleman
District 5870 Membership Team