Hunger Project

Hunger is a major issue no matter the part of the world you are in.  Even in Central Texas, hunger is faced by the young and the old everyday.  In Texas, 13% of Texas households--1 in 8 Texans-- 1.4 million Texas households-- nearly 4 million people---face food insecurity in some way or another every day.  Texas is one of just 9 states with higher food insecurity than the natiional average.
As a District, we want to do our part to help fight Hunger and we have allocated $10,000 to support such an effort.  We have developed a partnership with the Central Texas Food Bank to help provide food to the needy areas of our District.  All we are askiing of our Rotarians is to step up and work in their local food banks as well as do their own food drives to support the food bank.   Below are the specific food banks and communities that our allocation will go to......but all in all whether your community is receiving an allocation or not, our support of the CTFB trickles down to every community.

Communities Getting District 5870 help:

Rotary of Copperas Cove / Lampasas Mission / $1000
Rotary of Elgin / 1st Baptist Church / $1000
Rotary Club of Giddings / Giddings Food Pantry / $1000
Rotary Club of Flatonia / Celebration House / $1000
Rotary Club of Round Rock &/or Round Rock Sunrise / Round Rock Area Serving Center / $1000
Rotary Club of Waco &/or Waco Sunrise / Caritas / $2000
Austin Area Rotary Clubs / CTFB for Austin Area & Mobile Food Pantry support[e.g. Rockdale & Mexia] / $3000
Please step up to "Serve to Change Lives" in your community by serving your Food Pantry or Homeless Shelter.  It is our mission everyday to "Do Good in the World".
District Hunger Project Liaison is Eric R. Armstrong,