Who Will Be Your Club's

Roll of Fame Nominee?

The District 5870 Roll of Fame was formally established by Resolution Number 6 promulgated during the District's 1957-1958 Rotary year and most recently amended in 2021.  Induction into the Roll of Fame is the highest award conferred by District 5870 and is intended to recognize those Rotarians who have distinguished themselves by outstanding service to their clubs, communities, and District 5870.

Each honoree must:

  • Be nominated by the President of his or her Club, be supported by a completed Nomination Form setting forth the nominee's contributions to the furtherance of Rotary, its principles, and its programs.
  • Meet, at a minimum, the criteria for selection to membership in the Roll of Fame set forth in District 5870's Resolution # 6, as amended in 2021.
  • Attend the Role of Fame presentation ceremony held during the final day of the District 5870 Conference of Clubs
Submission Deadline:
  • Completed and fully signed Nomination Forms must be received by the District Roll of Fame Committee Chairman on or before March 4,2024.  
  • Nomination Forms that are incomplete, or are not signed by the President and the Secretary, will be returned to the nominating club without action by the Committee.  Incomplete Nomination Forms that are returned by the Committee without action may be corrected and resubmitted provided the corrected Nomination Form is returned prior to March 23, 2024.
If you have a question concerning the nomination process, Roll of Fame Committee Chair Bernie Satterwhite at bmsatterwhite@icloud.com.